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Dec 24, 2017

Cody and Steve kick off the show with the Holly Jolly Sports Rants. They play/read all of the sports rants submitted, then react and discuss accordingly (0:00-44:15). *Shout out to Sports Gambling Podcast and Girls, Beer, Sports Podcast for the cross-collaboration. The boys then imitate super star athletes ranting (44:15-49:27). Part 1 of the 12 Days of Christmas (49:27-51:40). Naughty or Nice? Cross-fire trivia. Loser does shots or eats saltines (51:40-1:08:37). Part 2: 4-6 Days of Christmas (1:08:37-1:11:12). Jewish Sports Draft (1:11:12-1:14:12), Part 3: 7-8 Days of Christmas (1:14:12-1:16:00), Bucket of Holiday Fun. Cody has to connect Christmas songs or movies to famous athletes/personalities on the spot (1:16:00-1:23:00). Predicting Ghosts of Christmas Present and Future (1:23:00-1:32:00) Part 4: 9-11 Days of Christmas (1:32:00-1:34:00) The FULL 12 DAYS OF SPORTS CHRISTMAS (1:34:30-1:35:32)  Steve gives bowl picks and Cody gives week 16 NFL picks (1:35:35-1:39:10). We Out. Have a happy holidays!