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Feb 28, 2017

You didn't really appreciate it 'til the second one came out, so we stretched the game out...well, it isn't exactly Hard Knock Life on Jay Z Vol. 2, but it IS the next best thing that sports fans could imagine...the Talking About Sports, Greatest Hits, Volume II.

Cody and Steve are, as always, hysterically debating,...

Feb 19, 2017

With Cody out of the country and galavanting around the Southern half of the world, the boys figured, why not give our listeners a treat: a greatest hits track. Cody went back through and pulled some of the BEST of the first two years. Turns out there were a LOT of great times and ridiculousness. So, here is Volume...

Feb 7, 2017

Cody and Steve discuss the fallout after the Super Bowl and the depression that comes with another Tom Brady ring. How did this happen to us? But sports has been so good all year? sigh. They also discuss the ads and which ones were funnier versus who went missing this year? We round out the episode with the bracket of...

Feb 1, 2017

Cody and Steve the craziest prop bets, square off in their SB picks and go through the Sweet 16 of most hated things in sports. It's a classic worth listening to twice. or at least sharing once.