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Jan 20, 2022

Things weren't quite so WILD during wild card weekend, unless you like blowouts by favorites...alas - we discuss the 'winners' that made the playoffs only (no time for losers) by using comedy TV show characters for reference. We largely predicted who would win each game and share our betting philosophy for this...

Jan 12, 2022

We've all had something we pretend to know about while nodding along in agreement, while we don't actually - in fact - know about it at all. That's true about a lot of things in life, but in sports for a sports fan? no way....well, as it turns out, most guys don't know SOME things about sports and we dive into our...

Jan 6, 2022

Why do we do it? Why do we cheer for our sports teams? how do they even become our teams? why must we torture ourselves with the ones we cheer for? Let's unwrap the mystery of sports fandom, the suffering of the journey, the joy of winning and what it does to us as lovers of sport. 

Dec 3, 2021

Steve unveils his weeks of research on the top college coaches to make comparisons among the elite and not so elite, while we discuss the latest extensions and job changes. Which will work out? which was a mistake? and what picks to make in college and NFL this week? It's all here. plus some laughs, per usual. 

Nov 3, 2021

We've crunched all the numbers and researched all the data. Underdogs - you can't make the playoff. we're sorry. it doesn't matter what you do. We'll review. Unless you are in a power 5 conference, no favors are given and you will always be passed by a 1-loss anybody team. Plus, steve goes swimming and experiences...