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Sep 30, 2020

Big Brother is the adjective and verb of the month. Starting with MLB playoffs. Then with the Chiefs and the Ravens. Are there no more villains in the NFL? We debate. somebody's gotta be the villain - who is it? Does anybody care about college football and should you? Shoutout to your mental health! Lots of questions...

Sep 25, 2020

Choose your own adventure with an NFL fill in the blanks segment. Brady and Billy B. Mr. Unlimited Russell Wilson. NHL Stanley Cup. The Falcons collapse. NFL QB Would you rather? The official Talking About Sports podcast Super KABLAMO Rankings - top 6 NFL teams. Finishing up with our weekly college and pro bets. 

Sep 10, 2020

Football is back and how excited are you? The same as usual? more? less? 

Cody and Steve compare MLB players and teams to emojis and describe the emojis out lout for comedic effect. 

They offer their NFL season win totals Over/Under locks. 

First week of sports betting picks for college and pros. We beat the coin last...

Sep 4, 2020

We evaluate what the best playoffs are in sports as well as the top logos in all of professional sports. We take a dig at the worst logos in sports too. Top 10 lists all the way around. Philadelphia sports is mentioned, obviously, including a new sixers coach, the process and bryce fever.